The tourist resort Čenga has hotel heritage, three great villas and restaurant, located in the heart of the most beautiful place in Sarajevo, a green oasis, a well-known promenade planted with platinum and chestnut trees in a length of 3.5 km, through whose tunnel the unique natural beauty the old driver is driving. Above the trees intertwined with the old canopy, the tops of the mountain are visible, which in their bosom hides the source of the river Bosna, according to which the whole country is called.


Join many of the guests who have already fallen in love with the irresistible Tourist Resort Čenga.

126 years of tradition

Secure your parking space when booking a accommodation and place your canvas in the courtyard of our facility.

Whether you are on the road either privately or in business, the Internet is something you can not do, so we have wireless access to our rooms in our rooms!

Children up to 4 years old have free accommodation in an existing bed or for your little children request cribs at an extra charge.